How does the pricing work?

Sway exists to help small businesses save and make money, starting with the saving part. The way we do that is by completely removing fixed transaction fees.

The average card fee in the UK is 1.6% per transaction. The number goes up to 2.2% across Europe. That's a lot of money, corresponding to billions per year in card fees.

So we decided to completely scrape transaction fees and charge a fixed subscription of £5 per month regardless of how many transactions you have.

The average small business in the UK pays more than £200 per month in card fees. If they got paid through Sway instead that's a saving of £195 every month, adding up to £2340 per year!

What's included in the £10 per month Starter plan?

  • Unlimited transactions
  • 1 user per account
  • Digital receipts

Got a question about our pricing? Please do reach out to us at and we'll be more than happy to answer all questions!

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